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On the road again...

Why yes, I am on the road again...well, I was for the past week. My sister, two kids and I just go home last night from a spontaneous adventure. We went on our own version of The Grand Circle Road Trip! Sometimes you just have to pack up your car and GO! I have nine days off for Thanksgiving break, so I had to take advantage of the time off and pack it full of what I love most (my family and traveling). My husband is out of the state for work for a couple months, so we were missing him, unfortunately.

So, where did we go this time? In just 7 days, we were able to explore, the best we could with small children, soooo many astonishing places. Check it out!


Day 1: We started from our home in #HarkerHeights, Texas. We drove all the way to Raton, New Mexico for the night. On the way, we experienced the hundreds of wind turbines in Texas. We stopped in #Amarillo to check out #CadillacRanch. And we got to experience the gorgeous white fields of cotton amongst the Texas sunset.


Day 2: We woke up in #Raton, New Mexico and made our way up to Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. The kids and I had a blast sliding down the dunes on our bottoms! I'm not sure if it wore them out, but it sure wore me out! And we pretty much had our own sand dunes in our car after that trip!

Still on day 2, we drove from #GreatSandDunesNationalPark to #GardenoftheGods, located in #ColoradoSprings. Coming from sunny and 75 Texas, the kids LOVED the snow and loved sliding around on the icy walkways. Once again, I'm not sure if they were wore out, but chasing around two kiddos is enough to make anyone tired! We decided to get a head start on our plans for the next day, so we drove on up to #Denver for the night.


Day 3: We woke up in the beautiful mountains of #Colorado. Our next stop was Moab, Utah, but we had to enjoy the beautiful views all throughout Colorado on the drive.

Once we made it to Moab, it was dusk, but we decided to check out as much of Arches National Park as we could before it was pitch dark. We checked it out some and decided to wake up and finish arches in the morning.


Day 4: We woke up in #Moab, Utah. Arches National Park is located about five minutes away, so we decided to go explore more before hitting the next destination. We took the kids out and let them hike in Devil's Garden. The views were stunning and it was an adventure, for sure! During our hike, we got to see Delicate Arch, Double O Arch, Landscape Arch, and many more.

We drove from #ArchesNationalPark to Canyonlands National Park on day 4 as well. It was beautiful and reminded me of Grand Canyon National Park. I took two trips earlier this year in which I got to experience the Grand Canyon.

We decided to drive to our next destination after we explored #CanyonlandsNationalPark so that the only thing we had to do the next morning was wake up and explore. We drove to Capital Reef National Park, where we stayed right outside the park. Driving through the park late at night was amazing. We were so small next to these gigantic rocks, but we couldn't really see well, which made it even more intriguing. We couldn't wait to wake up and see what it was all about during the day!


Day 5: We woke up and explore Capital Reef National Park first thing in the morning. We drove the 20 mile round trip scenic drive where we stopped half way through to do a small hike with the kiddos. We were surrounded by enormous rock formations and words cannot even describe the feeling of being in-between them.

We drove from #CapitalReefNationalPark to #BryceCanyonNationalPark. Seeing the hoodoos in a canyon amongst the next ending horizon and the endless pines was breathtaking. We didn't do much hiking here, but we got to experience the beauty, which was enough to make me happy with the time we had!

We still had plenty of daylight to spare, so we trucked on down to #ZionNationalPark. I would have to say that Zion and Capital Reef were my favorites! There's something that makes you feel amazingly small and magical in-between those huge formations and mountains. The diversity in Utah had us all in awe. Zion National Park had wildlife, an intimidating tunnel through the mountains, beautiful views, and more to offer. I really wish we had more time, because Zion National Park was just absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, we only had so much time, so we decided to go on our way to Page, Arizona for the night.


Day 6: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We woke up in #Page,Arizona. Page has SO MUCH to offer! This was my third time in Page this year. Unfortunately, due to time, we did not get to explore. We woke up in the Best Western Plus, where we started our Thanksgiving off with a wonderful hotel breakfast, and I'm not being sarcastic. If you want a great place to stay in Page, check out this place! Like I said, we did not get to explore this time, but I had done #HorseshoeBend twice, I have kayaked in the slot canyons of #LakePowell, I have seen Glen Canyon Dam, and I have toured the #LowerAntelopeCanyons. Below are some photos of my previous trips to Page.

We drove through Albuquerque, New Mexico on our way back home. We didn't get to stop an explore Albuquerque this time, but once again, I had been there twice already this year. If you ever get the chance to take the tramway up #Sandia Peak, go for it! It's a beautiful view!

We stopped about an hour and a half past #Albuquerque and got some sleep for the night in somewhere, #NewMexico.


Day 7: We woke up in New Mexico and finished our 8 hour drive home to Harker Heights, #Texas (Texas is HUGE, right?!). Home sweet home!

#Traveling is a part of our life. I love being able to show our kids our own beautiful country. America has so much to offer! I cannot wait to one day be able to take them to explore other countries as well when they are older. Our version of #TheGrandCircle was priceless. I got to spend time with some people who mean the most to me and I got to spend time being adventurous and seeing new places. If you ever get the chance to do anything new, just do it!

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