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Gone with the Galbraiths

A life of travel, sparkles, unicorns, adventure.......What was your favorite moment this year?..... Oh wait, don't answer that! This is real life....and it's 2020. Definitely not sparkles and unicorns this year, but we've managed a little big of adventure. We're cool people, so stick around. Let me first start off by saying, I'm transferring what little content I had on my old blog, Chan's Adventures, to this one, Gone with the Galbraiths. It just seemed a little egotistical to have a blog all about me when it's really all about us. I've been doing a blog post at the end of each year the past few years summarizing our year. I hope to be a little better this year about posting more consistently.

Big things happened this year. YES, Coronavirus! Can we all just say, F U Covid! I think we'd all drink to that! But, as most of you know, we are a military family, and with that, we move around a lot. This year we were fortunate to move to Germany, in the middle of a pandemic. Quarantines, masks, and Germ-x, oh my. More to come on all of that later! If we're new to you, let me tell you a quick bit about our family. List style, in a nutshell, because that's what I do.

1989-Should we really start this far back? NAHHHH

2007-A triplet (yes, he's a triplet, all boys) pizza boy named Mike graduated high school in his home state of Virginia and joined the army.

2008-I, quiet me, surprisingly enough a "disc jockey", radio announcer, whichever fancy professional term you want to use, and a Dairy Queen employee, graduated high school in Ohio and joined the army.

2009-Mike (My husband) and I (Chan) were both in the army and met where we were stationed, which was Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We jumped from planes together in the 82nd Airborne Division. What fun.

2009-2010-We deployed to Iraq together for nearly a year.

2010-Mike and I got married (VERY UNEXPECTED, on work lunch break) and Mike moved to Hawaii,.

2011-I moved and joined Mike in Hawaii. I finished my time in the military and we became pregnant with Alana (Our daughter).

2012-We had Alana who is not 8 and enjoyed our time in Hawaii, along with some college (Not enjoyed).

2013-We received military orders and moved to Missouri. My husband made some big career moves. We got

2014-We got pregnant with our son, Mikey. More not fun college.

2015-My husband had a fun motorcycle wreck one week before our C-Section. One week later, boy came. That was fun. Mikey is now 5.

2016-2017-I finished college, or maybe it was the year before, I can't remember. I found a little work with the VA. It's all a blur.

2017-2020-(I think) Moved to Texas. Mike made another big career move, becoming a digital forensics examiner. I became a first grade teacher. I loved those kids, but 10/10 don't recommend. LOL Just kidding. If you know, ya know.

2020-Big move to Europe, in the middle of a pandemic. We made it.

So here we are, in Germany, in a Covid lockdown, I'm not working, the kids are going back to school, so time is on my side, finally! We are missing our pup, who can't join us in Germany yet due to Covid. Did I mention how much I love this virus?! But really, we are glad to have good health. We look forward to sharing some of our military experiences and travels here in Europe. And maybe some other random family things. It's been a little lonely being here, the kids have been out of brick and mortar school since March, and the many trash cans here are kicking my A$$! I hope to share some firsthand experience as Americans in Germany. What is something you wondering about living in a different country? I plan on sharing a German house tour, along with some other fun things that are part of living in a different country.

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